griffith avenue

"Griffith Avenue, an almost Haussmannian boulevard". One of the few Dublin streets that isn't punishment, but - invitation. In 2019 there is frantic building activity along Griffith Avenue on grounds formerly belonging to religious orders, all in accord with Dublin's slogan "More of the same". It is likely to kill the whole area, the access roads cannot cope with the added traffic. Two simultaneous building projects will in themselves be traumatic for the local residents, given the limited capacity of the area to cope with heavy transport - and the only purpose of the whole upheaval is to keep the treadmill of the building firms running, there is no social perspective whatsoever to what is going on in these parts of Dublin by 2019. Again i think there are grounds to point the finger at An Bord Pleanála, it is a very negative force in today's Dublin, in particular when its former teachers apply for building permissions.


The area below the Christian Brothers Province Centre was made ugly in advance, already in 2017. Land owners obviously still can do such things in Ireland, i think the law should be changed there: environmental protection overrides property rights.